Louay Miled

The Terminator

About Me

He learned a lot of languages: Arabic, French and English. Louay miled is nicknamed (The Terminator) grew up in his city in kairouan. Louay has been practicing kick-boxing since the age of 3.

After his adolescence he started practicing Muay-Thai and k-1 Pro in Europe and Africa and also in Thailand. Then he moved to Thailand at the age of 18 to join a pro Muay Thai club in Pattaya with the great Belgian Moroccan Muay Thai champion Youssef Boughanem.

His style is often compared to samy sana, is considered to be the new spearhead of Muay Thai in Tunisia. His boxing is described as aesthetic and varied. He developed a very aggressive boxing style and does not hesitate to come into contact with his opponents. . He then went on to win and won numerous national and international titles.


He won champion of Egypt in 2014 and champion of Algeria in 2015 and champion of France in March 2019 in Paris.

Live Quote

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

- Winston Churchill